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Covers from mummy. Mummy-WRINKLE

Mummy in the cosmetics for face used for the prevention and removal of stretch marks, facial skin rejuvenation, whelks, thin hair growth and cellulite. The home made cosmetics for face from mummy cover for the face and hair, rejuvenating tonic-water, baths, etc. Important! Mummy, sold in pharmacies, vary greatly in quality and features. The most valuable mummy viscous consistency, with no additives. Tablets of mummies have a weaker capacity. Mummy of wrinkles for rejuvenation and wrinkle in the home can make a great tonic. Made it done the very dry red wine. Wine quality is important – be sure to buy a bottle of wine in a good manufacturer. Powderise wine paper bags for this recipe is not necessary. First of all, you need to carefully crush 1-2 tablets mummy to a powderise. Next, the powderise should be added to 25-30-50 g of very dry red wine. Mix of the mummy of wrinkles pour into a colored glass bottle and refrigerate. Tonic-water will be ready the future day. Wiped his facial skin with one every day, avoiding the eyes and eyelids. With oily face pickup can not wash off. For very dry skin tonic is applied as a mask for 10 min. And rinse with cool h2o. Store in the refrigerator. Later some 7-10 times will see the first effect – the facial skin becomes radiant, fine lines smoothed disappear pimples and scars on them. Mummy-wrinkle used for a long time, this tool is very effective and has virtually no contraindications. Shilajit Shilajit whelks perfectly eliminates whelks. Apply it as a tonic-water (recipe above), as comfortably as a cleansing and therapeutic tool. 1. To get rid of acne – WZ advises clean skin with a mummy. Formula: 2 tablets grind mummy and dissolve it in a glass of cooled boiled water. This composition wipe the facial skin 1-2 times a day after ablution. 2. Also mummy of whelks is very good as a cover. Recipe: grind mummy to a powder, mixed with water or broth to a thick marigold slurry. Apply slurry point to target areas for Fifteen minutes., Rinse with cool h2o. Mummy in shampoo easiest way to strengthen the hair with mummy – just add it to your regular shampoo. Mummy to shampoo to append to the quantity of not less than 2-3 pills. Previously they need to grind into powder and mix up in 2 tablespoons. Spoonfuls of h2o. The resulting solution was poured into a bottle of shampoo. The dose given is based on a standard 150 ml bottle. Before the use of a bottle of shampoo to shake to evenly mixed mummy, then use shampoo on your hair, rub and leave it for 5 minutes. So all bath water. Facial Mask from the mummy masks of mummies have a rejuvenating capacity, help regenerate tissue, eliminate inflammation and remove toxins. Facial Mask from the mummy make at home, both for individuals and for the thin hair.

Facial Mask for oily and combination facial skin

Facial Mask for rule face.

50 g yeast rub with 1 spoon of vegetable oil. The mix was used to the skin for 20 min, then rinse with cool h2o.

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